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A passionate legal advocate for human rights in developing settlements, both on- and off- Earth, Longhair has a proven track-record of raising funds and organizing efforts to renovate and revitalize downtrodden communities.


When you assign the rare governor Johanna Longhair to a city, facilities in that city that produce population growth, such as the Spaceport, will produce more population growth. This effect does not affect population growth produced by events such as Population Boom or by the Space Elevator.

Secondly, upgrading already built facilities in that city will take less time. This effect does not affect the time it takes to build brand new facilities.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Population Growth, not Upgrade Time, since Upgrade Time cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Population -5% Upgrade Time
II 6 +20% Population -10% Upgrade Time
III 16 +30% Population -15% Upgrade Time
IV 31 +40% Population -20% Upgrade Time
V 56 +60% Population -25% Upgrade Time
VI 91 +80% Population -30% Upgrade Time
VII 136 +100% Population -35% Upgrade Time
VIII 196 +120% Population -40% Upgrade Time
IX 271 +140% Population -45% Upgrade Time
X 371 +200% Population -50% Upgrade Time


Johanna Longhair Lore.png

As mankind's interplanetary dominion expands and new worlds become livable, incredible opportunities become available for all those with the means to seize them. But in the wake of such rapid change, even people with a mind for progress can forget about those less fortunate who are forcibly displaced, or simply left behind. Luckily for the remaining denizens of Earth, they have a tireless advocate in Johanna Longhair of the UNSA.⁣

Longhair, of the Ute people of the Great Basin, came of age at the apex of the environmental ravages of the Sundering. From her home in Utah, she watched helplessly as the final drops of the Great Salt Lake dried up and forest fires ravaged the region, forcing residents further west towards a rapidly rising coastline. As Martian and lunar settlements began to grow, many without the means to leave Earth became trapped as those means became even slimmer. And while new scientific innovations emerged to curb the Sundering's impact, Longhair knew that millions of lives could still be lost in the interim unless someone stepped up to bring their indignation to bear on those who held all the power. She decided to become that person herself, and thus quickly became the public face of the downtrodden across her world.⁣

Through her civic research and impassioned oratory, Longhair and the UNSA finalized a series of public initiatives known as the Núuchi-u Accords. They stipulated that any governmental assistance going towards planetary settlement must be met with matching funds for post-Sundering redevelopment. They established points of contact with many organizations representing impoverished communities who could benefit from Earth-bound terraforming initiatives. And, crucially, they mandated that UNSA efforts to send settlers to new worlds could not discriminate on any basis including race, gender or creed, and must prioritize those forcibly displaced by man-made disasters. Apart from occasional interplanetary trips to act as a UNSA representative, Longhair has chosen to remain on Earth and personally ensure that her accords are followed to the letter, much to the chagrin of those who oppose her "people first" agenda.

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  • Núuchi-u is a term used by the Ute people to describe themselves, meaning "the people."
  • So far, she is the only governor confirmed to be staying on Earth.
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