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Habitability describes which life forms, if any, can survive on the surface of your world.

Monitoring and Changing Habitability[]

Your world's habitability can best be monitored on the Stats Page, which you can get to by tapping the blue button with the rectangles in the top left of your screen.

There are two sets of requirements on that page. The temperature, pressure, oxygen and water levels on the left side are requirements for plant life. The temperature, pressure, oxygen, water and plant support levels on the right side of the screen are requirements for human life.

If an icon is blue, that means you've met that requirement for that lifeform to survive on the surface. For plant life all icons in the left column need to be at least blue. Icons are green when that stat has reached the requirements for paradise habitability.

If all icons are blue, that means humans can live outside of the habs you've built for them, and your population will grow beyond your hab capabilities. All population living outside of habs will consume biomass (unless you are using the biospheres feature, or you've built the Sky Farm satellite).

If you build the Sky Farm satellite, your world can become habitable for humans even if you haven't met the necessary water and biomass requirements.The Sky Farm satellite has no effect on plant life habitability. You will still need to get water and biomass stats to near perfect levels to achieve victory with the Daughters of Gaia faction.

Exact Stat Requirements[]

Habitability Description Temperature Pressure Oxygen Water
Barren Nothing can survive on the planet - - - -
Plant Life Biomass can grow and survive on the planet. 200,000 - 374,000 10,000 - 190,000 100,000 - 320,000 [Within 75% of the ideal]
Habitable Humans can live without habitations on the surface. 237,000 - 337,000 50,000 - 150,000 180,000 - 240,000 [Within 50% of the ideal]
Paradise All stats are within 5% of the ideal, except for Biomass/Biosphere, which need to be at least 95% full. 272,650 - 301,350 95,000 - 105,000 199,500 - 220,500 [Within 5% of the ideal]

Exact numbers for water requirements are not in the table above, because they differ per world.

Biomass and Terrestrial Plant Support requirements needed to reach the 'Habitable' and 'Paradise' habitability that allows for human life on the surface of your world depends on the size class of your world:

Size Class Biomass Goal in mt Biospheres Goal/ Terrestrial Plant Support
I (Tiny) 300.000 3-10
II (Small) 600.000 6-20
III (Average) 900.000 9-30
IV (Large) 1.200.000 12-40
V (Huge) 1.500.000 15-50

Estimates for Habitability[]

Main Article: Habitability/Estimates

Biomass and Biospheres[]

If you chose to play using the Biomass feature, you need to make sure you have enough Coral Reefs and other Biomass increasing buildings to sustain your growing population. Unlike other stats, Biomass is one-sided - it is not possible to have too much Biomass. The ideal value equals to the maximum the planet can have, which varies.

If you chose to play using the Biospheres feature, you will need to make sure there is enough terrestrial plant support for your planet to support animal (and human) life. An increasing human population is not much of an issue in this mode, as they will not bring the terrestrial plant support number down by consuming biosphere plants. You simply need to keep enough plant species healthy.

Stabilizing Paradise Worlds[]

If you are struggling with stabilizing a world that is already at paradise habitability, this table showing all building effects might help you decide what to disable and what to upgrade:

Main article: Building Effects

Stabilizing Biosphere worlds is near impossible, because oxygen levels will fluctuate in minuscule ways along with the health of your plant and animal species. These changes start out tiny, but can grow out to bigger changes. Build oxygen filters, oxygen plants and the Soletta to stop this. Or cull or conserve some species to stop this and counter the effects by some random events.

Faction Requirements[]

If you chose to play as Sons of Hephaestus, you will need to keep your all of your habitability stats within 5% of where they were when you started on that world.

If you chose to play as Daughters of Gaia, you will need to reach Paradise habitability. The Sky Farm does not allow you to skip out on making the biomass and water requirements paradise level.

Ecological Collapse and New Life[]

Main article: Ecological Collapse and New Life


  • If you reach Habitable status, the message will say all you need to do now is declare independence, even if you have already done so (the planet remains playable after achieving Victory if you choose so).