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Owing to his own experience with albinism, Badejo has become one of the foremost experts in Hab design and efficient radiation shielding to prevent cancers and other ailments. This has allowed the Sons of Hephaestus to build surprisingly large communities within very harsh environments.


When you assign the common governor Gwynn Badejo to a city, the Hab facilities in that city will be able to fit more population.

This governor does not have the power booster ability, because none of his effects can be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Habitations
II 6 +20% Habitations
III 16 +30% Habitations
IV 31 +40% Habitations
V 56 +60% Habitations
VI 91 +80% Habitations
VII 136 +100% Habitations
VIII 196 +120% Habitations
IX 271 +140% Habitations
X 371 +200% Habitations


Gwynn Badejo IG.jpg

As the Sons of Hephaestus grew, they gained a reputation as a bunch of spaceborne frontiersman, roughing it in remote reaches outside the bounds of UNSA law where only hardened survivors dared go. While the Hephaestians were happy to take all manner of followers, they did often settle in extreme locales marked by uncontrolled temperature shifts or radiation. This meant those traveling alongside Rex Jansson required a level of devotion which eclipsed concerns for their own well-being. One such ardent devotee is Gwynn Badejo, a foremost expert in safeguarded habitation designs.

Badejo was born in a refugee settlement on Mercury, in the early days of mass migration when living in a hab shelter was a serious risk. He was born with albinism, meaning he would be more susceptible to skin cancer with greater exposure to sunlight. He was forced to leave Mercury with his mother, who found work as an engineer in a mining commune on Mars. She taught Gwynn her trade, and he began innovating on these concepts from an early age with hope in his heart to one day return to the rest of his family.

Soon enough, miners began spreading Te Hau Arataki's literature, and rumors began to swirl of a movement to turn her words into action. His mother mostly disregarded these treatises, but Gwynn took to them as he had to his studies, enamored with the notion of preserving the distinct natural beauty of every planet rather than shaping it to fit a homogenous vision. When Rex Jansson himself visited the area, he immediately recognized Gwynn's talent and spoke to him as an equal. Despite his mother's protests, he made the painful decision to travel with Jansson further out into space, to help build independent stations for the Sons of Hephaestus.

Badejo quickly became an invaluable asset, fitting right in with the Sons' army of engineers and excelling at the construction of habs safe from extreme temperatures and radiation. And while he still pines to reunite with his family so near to the Sun, he knows that time will arrive on its own. Until then, he is proof that there is a home for anyone among the Hephaestians willing to use their gifts to build a safer life for everyone.

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  • He is West-African (most likely Nigerian) as implied by his surname.
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