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Grasses, also known as Poaceae or Gramineae, are a large family of plants characterized by clusters of hollow stems and narrow alternate leaves borne in two ranks. Ranging from lawn grass to bamboo to various cereal crops like corn, wheat, rice, and barley, grasses provide a significant boost to both the local economy and population growth.



Aquatic Micro-Organisms Archaea · Cyanobacteria · Diatom · Plankton
Algae Stonewort · Green Algae · Kelp · Seaweed
Aquatic Animals Coral · Crustacean · Fish · Mammal (Aquatic) · Reptile (Aquatic)
Terrestrial Micro-Organisms Actinobacteria · Lichen · Fungus · Protozoa
Plants Grass · Moss · Shrub · Tree
Terrestrial Animals Amphibian · Bird · Insect · Mammal (Terrestrial) · Reptile (Terrestrial)