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Certain Events can only occur when you have governors assigned to cities.

So far, these do not seem to have any effect, but this needs further confirmation.

These events seem to sometimes not get logged in the Event Log (the scroll shaped button you can access when you view your planet in full screen).

Behind the Scenes[]

A documentary discussing the life of [governor] with previously unseen footage has been released to thunderous applause from the citizens of [City]. The city is abuzz with discussion on the flim, and everyone has gained new insight into their leader.


A new book written by [governor] has been released and is proving to be extremely popular, with stores running out of inventory minutes after announcing fresh stock.

The bestseller has become a must-have addition to the personal library of any proud citizen of [World].

Breakfast of Champions[]

In a recent light-hearted interview, [governor] was asked what they like for breakfast. With a smile, they admitted “[toast/ waffles/ muffins/..]!”

Citizens of [City] were delighted by the response, and it has become a rising favorite across [World].

Greasy Spoon[]

A local restaurant has become quite the tourist attraction after [governor] was seen ordering their signature dish with a popular food journalist. Citizens of [City] have taken such an interest in the establishment that reservations have been filled for months at a time!

In Their Honor[]

The citizens of [City] are delighted to unveil a new [bank/ shopping mall/...] named after [governor].

The new [bank/ shopping mall/...] embodies the hopes and dreams of the proud citizens of [World], and a feeling of good cheer has spread over the people after the event.

Relief Aid[]

After a particularly devastating industrial accident that left many citizens without clean water, [governor] was seen at the site handing out water rations and comforting victims. It was later learned that they also made charitable donations to ensure the affected were taken care of long-term. Naturally, their popularity soared.

What's In a Name?[]

Citizens of [City] have taken such a liking to [governor]'s name that it has come back into fashion.

More and more newborns on [World] are being named after this prominent leader, securing their legacy for generations to come.