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Inspired by the oral histories told by his own grandfather, Srikar has dedicated his life to inspiring young scientists with stories of exploration and discovery. The think-tank he has built is considered one of the premier terraforming programs in the system.


When you assign the common governor Frank M. Srikar to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's pressure levels will reduce pressure levels even more.

This guy will come in handy not only during Under Pressure live events, but also on regular Venus.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Pressure Reduction
II 6 +20% Pressure Reduction
III 16 +30% Pressure Reduction
IV 31 +40% Pressure Reduction
V 56 +60% Pressure Reduction
VI 91 +80% Pressure Reduction
VII 136 +100% Pressure Reduction
VIII 196 +120% Pressure Reduction
IX 271 +140% Pressure Reduction
X 371 +200% Pressure Reduction


Frank Srikar IG.jpg

Within a few centuries, the efforts of private enterprise and a united Earth government had turned Mars into a paradise rivaling the planet which had birthed humanity. The Martian population exploded into the millions, forging their own unique culture and history, and soon there was an entire generation who knew Earth only as a blue dot in the sky. This shift concerned history professor Frank M. Srikar, in spite of the achievement it signified. He knew, despite making his own permanent home on Mars, that humanity had much farther to go, and for that, they'd need to understand how far they'd come.⁣

With the rapid growth of Mars' cities came a need for education, so the UNSA created an endowment to bring teachers and their families from Earth. Frank became one of Mars' earliest historians, and took great stock of everything he witnessed, including the history of the ships which had brought them there, the evolution of terraforming technology, and the unique biology of the Martian flora. He passed all this down to his students, who over the years went from being first, to second, to third-generation Martians. When he noticed they had stopped referring to Mars as the Red Planet, Srikar knew a bold approach to sharing the past with these space-age children was needed.⁣

He approached the UNSA once again, this time seeking a grant to found a historical institute dedicated to the past, present, and future of Mars, and the widening view of our solar system. This think tank would bring together explorers, settlers and terraforming experts who could shed a light on the short history of inhabited Mars, as well as guest speakers from Earth to share first-hand accounts of changes to humanity's homeworld. At the core of his mission statement, Srikar sought to educate students with the knowledge of centuries past, in order to then inspire them to reach further into the cosmos for the sake of future generations. The Beyond Mars Institute is now one of the UNSA's most storied organizations, and has given rise to legions of innovators with an eye towards history, inspired by Frank M. Srikar's credo that one must know where they came from to know where they're going.

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  • EmonEconomist, a fan of the TerraGenesis game, is campaigning to have Frank's name changed to "John Farnham" because he takes the pressure down. Responses thus far have been mixed.
  • "Skikar" is an Indian surname, implying Indian descent.
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