When you play a world in Flat Planet Mode certain special events may pop up.

Safety Measures[edit | edit source]

After a tragic accident at the Edge of the World, people from all across [world] are pushing for new legislation to build a safety railing around the planet's rim, to prevent anyone from falling off again.

No effect.

The Hole[edit | edit source]

After being told to go play in the garden, a group of schoolchildren have accidentally dug a hole to the other side of the world.

While experts investigate to see if any damage was done to the structural integrity of [world], the site has become popular among travelers hoping to take a shortcut on their vacations.

No effect.

Globalists[edit | edit source]

An eccentric celebrity has begun trying to spread the absurd idea that the world is actually a sphere.

Calling themselves 'Globalists', these people have become a laughingstock across both surfaces of [world].

No effect.

To The Edge[edit | edit source]

An intrepid group of explorers have begun a trip to the Edge of the World.

Outfitted with gear for climbing the ice wall, they aim to be among the only humans to stand on the rim of [world].

No effect.

Cat-Astrophe[edit | edit source]

In a shocking turn of events, millions of cats from all across [world] have spontaneously come together to push our [level] [building] in [City] off the Edge of the World!

You lose the building.

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