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Screenshot of Bacchus, Pontus, Lethe, Ragnarok and Boreas

Five worlds designed to show off various aspects of gameplay.


These planets do not exist in real life, but that doesn't make them any less fun to play with. This set includes Lethe, the only planet besides Earth to have cities already established when the player arrives, as well as the planet Ragnarok, which creator of TerraGenesis Alexander Winn calls "The hardest thing you can do in TerraGenesis," provided you play it on expert mode with biospheres enabled. This set is for sale. Or you can get the all access pass.


Name Difficulty Unlock
Bacchus Easy $0.99 USD
Pontus Medium $0.99 USD
Lethe Hard $0.99 USD
Ragnarok Hard $0.99 USD
Boreas Medium $0.99 USD


  • All Fictional Planets are named after Greek mythology figures (Bacchus is the lesser-known Roman equivalent of Dionysus), except Ragnarok, a reference to the event of Ragnarök in Norse mythology.
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