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Known for having the self-described "Midas Touch," Kirmani's superstardom has allowed her to single-handedly launch careers and turn struggling hobbyists into global success stories through her social media empire.


When you assign the common governor Faizah Kirmani to a city, the Culture Revenue that city produces increases. This is the revenue a city earns because of events like Trade Route Established or The League. This effect does not affect revenue produced by facilities such as the Coral Reef.

Using this governor, plus the power boost exploit, is an amazing source of revenue. This works even when you've only just started a game, because culture revenue isn't hard to build up in a city.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Culture Revenue
II 6 +20% Culture Revenue
III 16 +30% Culture Revenue
IV 31 +40% Culture Revenue
V 56 +60% Culture Revenue
VI 91 +80% Culture Revenue
VII 136 +100% Culture Revenue
VIII 196 +120% Culture Revenue
IX 271 +140% Culture Revenue
X 371 +200% Culture Revenue


Faizah Kirmani Lore.png

Not many influencers in the last 400 years can claim to have conquered social media on Earth, let alone across the entire settled solar system. But while her meteoric rise to superstardom has made Faizah Kirmani a household name across multiple worlds, her self-described "Midas Touch" is perhaps her most defining trait, launching countless other brands beyond the stratosphere.⁣

Kirmani first entered the public eye as a cast member on the short-lived reality series "Elysium Life." The show was bankrolled by the Horizon Corporation as part of a campaign to promote the newly-developed Martian beachside communities of Elysium Mons as a trendy new home for Earth's wealthy elite. But in a program otherwise defined by false drama and shameless materialism, what really stuck with viewers was the bright-eyed sweetness and genuine, playful joy of Faizah Kirmani, the youngest of the aspiring starlets. Her obvious star quality catapulted her into the spotlight, and before the end of Elysium's first and only season she had been signed as a spokesperson and influencer for the Horizon Corporation. From there Kirmani quickly rose to icon status with her own Horizon-sponsored fashion line, beauty products, awards hosting gigs, and the #1 trending livestream on the budding social media platform, Liftoff.⁣

Kirmani could have chosen to commit all her energy to the advancement of her own image, which would have made her sponsors at Horizon perfectly happy. But (as her adoring fans are never tired of mentioning) as part of her contract she demanded the autonomy to invest a significant portion of her time, and substantial Horizon resources, toward her passion projects. These included campaigns promoting equal access to space resettlement resources for low-income families, cutting-edge astronomy tech advances for every classroom on Earth and Mars, and chiefly, increased access to space-age engineering training for young girls, something Faizah never had but always wanted. While the limelight suits her just fine, the knowledge that her work is lifting a thousand new voices to the cosmos is what truly keeps Faizah smiling for the cameras.

From TerraGenesis's instagram page


  • She is likely Arabic, as implied by her Arabic-originating name.
  • Her sari-inspired outfit hints at a South Asian origin.
  • The blue bindi on her forehead suggests that she is Hindu.
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