Certain Events can only occur on your world when you play with the faction they correspond to.

UNSA[edit | edit source]

Population Boom[edit | edit source]

A minor population boom has begun in [City]! After an international agreement to lower transit restrictions and encourage movement throughout the UNSA, more people are moving to [world] in search of adventure and opportunity.

A population boom of 5 - 25/min.

Government Shutdown - Choice[edit | edit source]

Unable to reach a compromise, various factions in the UNSA legislature are heading toward a total government shutdown. If it occurs, we expect our economy to take a [-%] hit overnight, but we can spend a Culture Point to broker a compromise ourselves.

What should we do?

A. Shut it down

B. Broker a Compromise

If you shut the government down, you instantly lose a percentage of your credits.

 Civic Duty - choice[edit | edit source]

It's that time again! Elections are being held throughout the solar system to define the next era of UNSA leadership. The hot topic during this election: [Social Values/Eco-Policy/Economics/Government Structure].

One faction is pro-[-], while the other leans more heavily pro-[-]. Who will you vote for?

A change in your world's Culture based on what you voted for.

 International Recognition[edit | edit source]

In recognition of its increasing economic, scientific, and cultural contributions to the ever-growing tapestry of human society, the UNSA has erected a new plaque in the center of [City] dedicated to the past, present and future citizens of [world].

No effect.

It doesn't matter if the city is actually big at all. It could be completely empty. As long as it has some population, this event can pop up.

Daughters of Gaia[edit | edit source]

 Culling the Herd - choice[edit | edit source]

We have captured a spy from the Sons of Hephaestus in our territory, trying to derail our terraforming efforts. While they refuse to accept responsibility for his actions, the Sons leadership are demanding we release him into their custody immediately. Our negotiator believes she can get them to offer compensation for his release, but wants to know what she should demand?

- Technology [technology]

- a culture point

The Technology option unlocks the technology stated, which could be something that you don't have the normal requirements for. It is possible for this to be a technology you are already researching, and accepting it does not stop the research (you can then safely cancel the research to recover some of the budget).

New Growth[edit | edit source]

A geneticist in [City] has discovered a radically effective new means of promoting growth among the local wildlife. Using this technique, the area surrounding [City] is seeing a dramatic increase in biomass!

City produces biomass/minute.

Prerequisite: Play with biomass, not biospheres.

While playing with biospheres, a random organism will get a 20% permanent health boost.

 Survival of the Fittest - choice[edit | edit source]

A protester from the Sons of Hephaestus has been making waves in [City}, spreading a hateful anti-terraforming message. Even more troubling, they seem to be swaying some of the more impressionable people in the city.

We could send an assassin to silence them for [price], and prevent a potential shift in our culture away from our sacred mission. Shall we give the order?

If you choose to send the assassin, nobody ever finds out.

 Veriditas[edit | edit source]

A brand new Altar of Gaia has been constructed in [City], honoring the brave citizens of the Daughters of Gaia who have labored, fought, and given their lives to help spread life out into the universe.

No effect.

Horizon Corporation[edit | edit source]

The Latest Craze[edit | edit source]

A local subsidiary of the Horizon Corporation in [City] has produced a new product that has gone viral! We're seeing significant growth in the local economy, and out revenue projections are increasing daily!

Very substantial Revenue boost. Can go above 20.000c/min.

Corporate Acquisition - choice[edit | edit source]

The Horizon Acquisitions department has identified a promising startup in [City]. They're recommending either investing in the company, which will cost [price] and generate [revenue boost], or a complete purchase of the company entirely, which will cost [price] and generate [revenue boost].

Invest a small amount to get a small revenue boost, a large amount to get a large boost, or refuse entirely. If you can afford it, the complete purchase option is best in the long run.

 Master of Scale[edit | edit source]

A brand new state-of-the-art local branch office has been built in [City], creating new jobs in the local economy and granting Horizon employees new opportunities to advance through our organization.

Seemingly no effect.

Picket Line - choice[edit | edit source]

Miners in [outpost] are striking! The Horizon negotiator has gotten them to commit to a settlement of [number]c, otherwise we may lose our [mine] entirely.

What should we do?

You only lose the mine, not the entire outpost.

Sons of Hephaestus[edit | edit source]

Itty Bitty Living Space[edit | edit source]

A talented architect has reconfigured and overhauled several zones of [City], freeing up much needed room for extra living space. We estimate that as many as [number] new habitations can now fit within the existing infrastructure of the city. This event can allow your Hab facilities in a city to fit more population. This is a one-off habitation boost applied to a city, not to a specific Hab facility. It is not a boost per minute, even though that is incorrectly indicated in the Local Culture tab of the city the event happened in.

 Local Hero[edit | edit source]

A local hero among the Sons of Hephaestus has been honored with a new plaque in the center of [City], honoring their sacrifice in the pursuit of planet's rights and the preservation of the natural state of [world].

No effect.

Plucking Flowers[edit | edit source]

We have captured a spy from the Daughters of Gaia in our territory, trying to derail our conservation efforts. While they refuse to accept responsibility for her actions, the Gaian leadership are demanding we release her into their custody immediately. Our negotiator believes he can get them to offer compensation for her release, but wants to know what he should demand?

Money: [value]

Upgrade: upgrade [facility] to level X

Refuse Entirely: Nothing happens

Eco-Terrorist[edit | edit source]

authorities in [city] have discovered an eco-terrorist from Daughters of Gaia. Evidence shows she is planning to release a massive amount of terraforming materials into the atmosphere, including biological materials and other contaminants, unless we pay her [price] immediately.

-Accept: [price] is removed, and nothing happens to the planet.

Refuse: Some terraforming stats (water, oxygen, heat, pressure) will increase or decrease. (similar to the effect of Falling Star event)

FFI[edit | edit source]

Open Source

The Horizon Corporation is planning to patent a life-saving drug that it had previously planned to make freely available. We could buy the rights to it for [price], but if we don't, it could encourage other corporations to follow suit, shifting our culture toward Plutocracy.

-Accept: No changes to your Culture

-Refuse: Your Values will change to be more focused on +5% Wealth rather than a Plutocratic Government. This might be a bug, or just a typo in the pop up.

A Place of Learning

A brand new, state-of-the-art observatory has been built in [city]! Students and experts alike are already flocking to the site, and we expect it to be a significant part of the local culture of [city]

No effect

Peer Review

A local research lab in [city] has temporarily offered us their services. We now have an extra lab we can use to continue our research!

Gives you one extra lab for free for 24 hours; can happen several times, even if you have researched everything

Freedom of Information

An FFI research team has finally been granted access to a top-secret [Faction] database, with permission to download technical specs for either [facility] or [facility]. Which should they acquire?

Instant access to one facility if you choose to accept

Refuse: Nothing happens

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