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Certain Events only take place on certain worlds for story reasons, such as on Lethe and in the Historical Earths campaign.


Terrorist Attack[]

A terrorist cell, calling itself the Sword of Lethe, has detonated a bomb inside your [building] in [City], destroying it completely. They claim to be protesting your industrial economics, but experts suggest they may actually be suffering the effects of the Lethe Plague.

Historical Earths[]

A Helping Hand[]

Hey, this connection won't last long, but I've hacked in long enough to give you a helping hand.

[A. Lee, Daughters of Gaia - Your simulation hasn't reached paradise levels yet, so I've nudged your stats a little further in that direction. Please achieve Paradise habitability!]

[Red, Sons of Hephaestus - Your simulation is changing significantly from the starting stats of the planet, so I've nudged them a little back in that direction. Please keep the planet the same!/ Your simulation is looking good, very close to the starting conditions on the planet. But in the name of perfection, I've nudged your stats a little closer to those starting levels.]

Our planetary stats have been adjusted by an unknown third party.

Alana Lee of the Daughters of Gaia or Red of the Sons of Hephaestus drops in to change your planet's stats. Pressure, water, temperature or oxygen levels will move closer to their ideal (either paradise habitability or unchanged stats). The amount that stat moves depends on how far from that ideal it is. It can range from 500 as much as 60,000.


Each TRAPPIST-1 (Trappist-1 is incorrect, since it the word itself is all caps) world, except for Huanca (TRAPPIST-1d), has an artifact that fires every half-hour. The countdown for the next firing keeps going when you are not in the game, so if you have been absent for half an hour, it will fire immediately when you enter the game. The artifact does not continue firing when you are absent.

To see what the artifacts can do for you after you decrypt them, see our page on the Tresuunak.

Damu (TRAPPIST-1b)[]

Demolishing Duties[]

The alien artifact has fired! Defense systems kicked on across the world for a short time, destroying our [building] in [City]. The artifact appears to have depleted its power for now, but it is already recharging.

The Facility Crushed event can also pop up due to the high pressure that is a billion pascals.

Aja (TRAPPIST-1c)[]

Pressure Spiking[]

The alien artifact has released a huge cloud of new gases! Atmospheric pressure has risen by [number] Pa globally, a truly breathtaking increase for such a short time.

Oxygen Depletion[]

The alien artifact has removed a huge portion of oxygen from our atmosphere! Presumably using it to recharge, the artifact has created a [number] ppm drop in oxygen levels worldwide.

Ruaumoko TRAPPIST-1e[]

Sea Levels Surging[]

The alien artifact has released a surge of new water! Sea levels have risen a shocking [number] cm in mere hours, and while the effect seems to have stabilized, we have no way of knowing when it will happen again.

Asintmah (TRAPPIST-1f)[]

Killing with Kindness[]

The alien artifact has released a swarm of nanobots near [City]! Seemingly medical and designed for healing, these bots aren't calibrated for human physiology and have killed [number] people in and around the city.

Aranyani (TRAPPIST-1h)[]

Database Compromised[]

The alien artifact has accessed our databases! After downloading all our data on [Building], it wiped the files completely. We're working on patching our systems, but we fear the plans have been completely lost.


Fire from Below

[City] has been hit by a devastating volcanic eruption! [number] facilities were destroyed, and [number] people were killed in the blast. The worst seems to be over for now, but it will take years for [City] to recover.


Fire from Below

[City] has been hit by a devastating volcanic eruption! [number] facilities were destroyed, and [number] people were killed in the blast. The worst seems to be over for now, but it will take years for [city] to recover.

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