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A curious and talented inventor, Thitapura has made significant contributions to fields as diverse as medicine, industry, networking technologies, consumer holographics, and rocket science.


When you assign the rare governor Etta Thitapura to a city, that city's birthrate will increase. This effect does not affect population growth caused by facilities, such as the Children's Creche.

Birthrate is fairly low early, but it increases the more population your city has, so this effect is more useful late game than early game.

Secondly, upgrading already built facilities in that city will take less time. This effect does not affect the time it takes to build brand new facilities.

This governor's power booster ability only affects Birthrate and not Upgrade Time, since Upgrade Time cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Birthrate -5% Upgrade Time
II 6 +20% Birthrate -10% Upgrade Time
III 16 +30% Birthrate -15% Upgrade Time
IV 31 +40% Birthrate -20% Upgrade Time
V 56 +60% Birthrate -25% Upgrade Time
VI 91 +80% Birthrate -30% Upgrade Time
VII 136 +100% Birthrate -35% Upgrade Time
VIII 196 +120% Birthrate -40% Upgrade Time
IX 271 +140% Birthrate -45% Upgrade Time
X 371 +200% Birthrate -50% Upgrade Time


From Terragenesis' Instagram page.

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The scientific advancement to propel humanity into space required a new level of creative problem solving, and some innovators entered the early space age quite well equipped. Even as a young girl, Etta Thitapura saw beyond outmoded ideas and found connections between disciplines which, as she came of age, led to multiple technological breakthroughs. Beginning her career as a neonatal specialist, which first brought her into contact with fellow trailblazer Yvonne Genet, Etta soon branched out into such diverse fields as networking, holographics, and rocket propulsion. She finally determined that with all of these inventions to her name it may be time to incorporate, and thus Infinity Industries was founded.⁣

As a CEO, Thitapura soon found that all the time spent building the Infinity brand took away from the study and experimentation that she loved. What's more, she found a formidable business rival in Horizon CEO Appolo Matiba, and while their competitive rapport led to a sort of tenuous friendship, this only added to the strain Etta felt focusing on profit over invention. The resource needs of an interplanetary megacorp, and the maneuvers to prevent Horizon from declaring a monopoly over all spacefaring tech, exhausted her to the point she considered selling her company to Matiba. She saw in the contract, though, that this would make all her patents proprietary to Horizon, meaning they would be kept from the public unless deemed profitable.⁣

Determined to seek a solution which favored public access to her inventions, Thitapura reconnected with Dr. Genet, who put her in touch with the leaders of the UNSA. Layla al-Battani proposed that if she came to work for them, the UNSA would provide public funds to make vital Infinity Industries tech available as a service. Eager to pursue this plan and return to the lab, Etta sold off the physical assets of her company while giving her patents to the UNSA. As a result, such inventions as zero G nurseries, exotic microbial vaccinations, and surface-to-orbit holographic comms found their way into common use on all planets, and Thitapura found happiness as the UNSA's Chief Technological Strategist.



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