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Heralding from a family of renowned volcanologists from Chile, De Léon joined the Hephaestian cause in her 20s and became instrumental in restoring the atmosphere of Titan after a disastrous terraforming effort by the Daughters of Gaia.


When you assign the common governor Elle De León to a city, facilities in that city that increase your world's pressure levels will increase pressure levels even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Pressure Growth
II 6 +20% Pressure Growth
III 16 +30% Pressure Growth
IV 31 +40% Pressure Growth
V 56 +60% Pressure Growth
VI 91 +80% Pressure Growth
VII 136 +100% Pressure Growth
VIII 196 +120% Pressure Growth
IX 271 +140% Pressure Growth
X 371 +200% Pressure Growth


Elle De León Lore.png

Elle De León was bound for a comfortable academic life in Chile, following in the footsteps of her parents, both renowned geologists specializing in volcanology. But rather than accept a legacy position at Pontificia Universidad, she eagerly pursued field work that put her in increasingly dangerous proximity to the subject of her family's expertise. Studies conducted early in her college days had convinced her that the environmental calamities of the mid-20th century had created undiscovered ripple effects, and in spite of humanity's recovery, De León feared the consequences of forgetting the mistakes of the past and abusing Earth's natural order.⁣

Elle's family became further concerned when she began repeating talking points of the newly formed Sons of Hephaestus. She'd been taken in by the teachings of Te Hau Arataki, as recited by Rex Jansson on unauthorized radio broadcasts, which harped on the fringe idea of 'planetary purity' and often spoke about the Daughters of Gaia in harsh terms that worried Elle's pacifist parents. Elle assured them that her attitude toward the Gaians was not one of righteous anger, but that all changed after the catastrophe on Titan.⁣

Gaian settlers, emboldened by the successful hominization of Venus, had attempted to de-pressurize Saturn's largest moon too quickly, resulting in rapid overheating and a cascade of geological shifts and faults which threatened to envelop all of Titan! The elder De Leóns refused to involve themselves, but Elle volunteered to lead her own task force, successfully averting one of the gravest terraforming disasters in the history of our solar system at age 28. By this time, Elle had already declared her allegiance to the Sons of Hephaestus, and vowed not to return to Earth until the natural sanctity of all remaining independent worlds was officially preserved.

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  • In a previous version of TerraGenesis, her description said she restored the atmosphere of Io, rather than Titan.
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