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Flat Planet Start Page[edit | edit source]

In TerraGenesis, when you buy the Flat Planet mode for $7.99, turn it on, and then go to the menu, instead of an unterraformed Mars and terraformed Mars, you will see a flat terraformed Mars, which spins around to show the unterraformed side.

Ice Launcher Desciption Alludes to Different Game[edit | edit source]

The description of Ice launcher: "CEO Nwabudike Morgan described this incredibly ambitious project."

In a different game, Alpha Centauri, there is also a Nwabudike Morgan who is CEO of Morgan Industries.

Daughters of Gaia faction alludes to faction in different game[edit | edit source]

Daughters of Gaia faction is very similar to Stepdaughters of Gaia Faction from Alpha centauri game. Their policies (both want to protect planet from harm)and their banners and even their names are similar.

Stepdaughters of Gaia banner from Alpha Centauri game

Alana Lee and Daughters of Gaia's banner

In this link: https://alphacentauri.gamepedia.com/Gaia%27s_Stepdaughters

you can find all info about this organisation. So I think Daughters of Gaia faction are mostly created according to the Stepdaughters of Gaia faction in Alpha centauri.

Horizon corporation faction alludes to faction in different game[edit | edit source]

Horison corporation banner and Apollo Matiba

Horizon corporation is very similar to Morgan industries faction from Alpha centauri. Both think that money are unstoppable and both are not good with population and even their banners are similar. So Horizon corporation is creating according to Morgan industries faction from Alpha centauri game.

All information about Morgan industries is here: https://alphacentauri.gamepedia.com/Morgan_Industries

Morgan industries banner from Alpha Centauri game

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