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The game can be played on multiple difficulties, to be decided each time you start a new world.


Faster gameplay, simplified features.


Strategic gameplay, complete features.

  • All features are available, except worldkiller asteroids. (Though those do occur in Normal Mode Earth)
  • You start a new world with 10.000.000c


Intense gameplay, unique challenges.

  • Worldkiller asteroids will come and attempt to destroy your world.
  • The Planetary Defense Network and the Space Elevator satellite is available to build, while the Soletta, the Sky Farm, The Lagrange Academy and the Orbital Surveyor are not.
  • There are expert events that only occur on expert mode.
  • You start a new world with 5.000.000c.
  • Skipping wait timers costs more Genesis Points (15 min = 1 GP)
  • You can only spend 1 culture point towards independence once every 2 hours
  • Spaceports don't earn any revenue.


Independent from the difficulty you chose, you can choose to play with Biomass or Biospheres, unless in Beginner Mode, where you can only do biomass.


Recommended for new & casual players

All species are represented by one single metric, Biomass.


Splice genes & create new species

Create aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and populate them with species you made and decided the genetic traits of.