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The Daughters of Gaia are one of the factions available to choose in TerraGenesis.

One of the earliest groups advocating for off-world terraforming, the Daughters of Gaia were founded by the charismatic Eleanor Lee (in a previous version, this was Deirdre McCloud) and have since become a powerful force in Earth politics. Under your leadership, the dreams of the Daughters will finally become reality: the transformation of an alien world into a new garden paradise.

The successful terraforming of Venus drastically changed humankind's role in the known universe, and no other group has embraced this transformation with such passion and ambition as the Daughters of Gaia. Once a small, tight-knit religious community, the Gaians quickly opened their doors to all those who share their core values of nature worship and spreading life throughout the cosmos, with a particular eye for great talents of evolutionary science.

⁣While all those who join the Daughters rise to prominence based on their merit, the organization's unquestioned authority remains in the hands of one powerful family. Traditional worshippers hang on every word spoken by the Rose Queen Rebecca Freyja O’Rourke, whose clerical lineage spans centuries. Her husband, Imperial War Minister Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee, lays the groundwork to enact her interstellar vision. But while Rebecca and Zhou typically remain to oversee recently hominized worlds, they send their daughter, Vicereine Alana Freyja Lee, to lay claim to new worlds and lead the terraforming process from scratch. Groomed for leadership from birth, and perhaps a more fervent disciple of Gaian theology than even her own mother, Alana has overseen the evolution of many a world from barren, inhospitable rubble to verdant paradise.

Not merely followers or fundamentalists, Gaian governors count among their ranks talented explorers, as well as experts in genetics, biochemistry, and organic architecture. Many never would have predicted they'd fall in with a religious crowd, but were ultimately drawn in by the leaders' commitment to shaping the cosmos to fit the needs of an expanding human dominion. The Rose Queen urges serenity in the face of those who would deny progress through violent means, for the world will soon see her truth: a planet is not a rock to keep hidden behind glass, but a seed just waiting to blossom.

Faction Mechanics[]

Goal: Achieve independence, and paradise habitability (get all stats within 5% of their ideal positions).

Economy: Ecological: +30% biomass growth, -30% construction speed.

Eco-Policy: Transformation: +15% biomass growth, -15% habitations.

Satellite: Reduced cost for Soletta.

Culture Limit: Cannot choose Industrial Economics.

Faction Members[]

Name Rarity Effect(s)
Alana Freyja Lee Legendary Biomass Growth, Biomass Consumption, Construction Cost
John Baltis Neherua Rare Oxygen Growth, Construction Cost
Kainoa Akna Kalani Common Water Growth
Miguel Akna Henriquez Sepúlveda Common Heat Growth
Rebecca Freyja O'Rourke Epic Oxygen Growth, Biomass Growth, Biomass Consumption
Sendhil Ma'at Sharma Common Construction Cost
Sofia Ishtar Batma Rare Water Reduction, Biomass Consumption
Yuna Freyja Song Rare Biomass Growth, Construction Cost
Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee Epic Heat Reduction, Biomass Growth, Construction Cost
Zora Ikhwezi Michel Common Biomass Growth

Faction Events[]

Culling the Herd

New Growth

Survival of the Fittest



  • Members of the Daughters of Gaia each have three names - their ordinary first and last names, and a middle name which represents their clan. Clan names come from features of Venus, for example "Frejya" comes from the "Freyja Montes" region.