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66 - 61 Million Years Ago

And the dinosaurs are gone...

The world has been devastated by the Chicxulub impact, and the coinciding volcanic eruptions. 75% of all life on Earth has been wiped out, and what remains struggles under blanketing clouds, plummeting temperatures, and darkened skies.

Rebuilding from this nightmare will be no easy feat, but if it can be done, it will usher in one of the greatest turning points in the history of life on Earth: the rise of the mammals.


This world can only be played after you complete Cretacea. Completing Dania will unlock Chibania.

Victory is achieved when you reach 100% independence and have fulfilled either the mission the Daughters of Gaia gave you (paradise habitability) or the one Red gave you (kept stats within 5% of original stats). You don't need to complete the normal goal for the faction you chose (500.000.000 population for the UNSA / revenue for Horizon Corporation).

Regardless of what you did on the previous planets, you can still choose to fulfill Red's or Alana's mission.

You have been granted access to a secret project under development by a foreign power: an automated system currently being taught how to terraform a planet.

One side wants you to terraform to Paradise, the other wants you to maintain the starting stats of the planet. it's up to you who to side with. At the time you reach completion for each world, your choice will be finalized in the computer's memory.

When you start playing Dania, the world will already be producing 12 biomass/ minute because of natural growth.


Dania has a lot of ice. If you are not careful while terraforming, this could melt and flood your planet. If you choose to complete Alana's mission, be sure to get rid of this water by building some Ice Launchers first.


  • Hippos live in England. Giant sloths the size of cars roam the land. This is the rise of mammals.
  • This is the Earth after a worldkiller asteroid impacted. The planet is still recovering from the Chicxulub impact not until 60 million years ago. Dinosaurs are extinct and mammals are now conquering the world.
  • The Rocky Mountains are still forming while the planet recovers from the mass extinction.[1]
  • The descriptions "And the dinosaurs are gone..." is a possible reference to this video. History of the entire world, I guess.


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