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A heat-blasted rock, Damu has no atmosphere to speak of and a brightly colored surface from its sulfur-rich crust. It will be a harsh (and smelly) world, but one that many still want to call home.

Interestingly, our drones and unmanned probes have lost all contact shortly after landing, far faster than can be explained by the temperature. Watch out, as we have yet to explain what is destroying them so quickly.


Damu is part of the TRAPPIST-1 Storyline and to unlock this, you need to colonize Huanca. Damu doesn't have any natural satellites.

A malfunctioning alien artifact called Dvintek is present upon landfall. It destroys a random building every half-hour. Buildings do not get destroyed when you pause your game. After you complete Damu, and continue playing on the planet, the artifact will no longer destroy your buildings. If it was replaced to the 2018 data, Dvintek will replace the Facility Crushed event if it were having a thick atmosphere and dropped below 2,000,000 Pa.

The alien artifact has fired! Defense systems kicked on across the world for a short time, destroying our [building] in [City]. The artifact appears to have depleted its power for now, but it is already recharging.


You don't need to complete your factions' normal goals. You only need to spend 20 Culture points on decryption.

If you plan on terraforming the planet, it is advised to build multiple of the same building so if one gets destroyed by the artifact you still have some left.

Recommended to use Aerostats to lower the temperature (or Soletta if you have the time for it), and just use whatever buildings you feel like using to get the pressure, sea level, biomass/Terrestrial Plant Support, and O2 up. Just always to make sure to have plenty of each terraforming building and don't stay and check in infrequently to reduce the amount of artifact fires. Due to the fact that you can have the artifacts from the other planets when doing this they can assist you to terraform much faster.

An alternative strategy is to simply farm events for culture points and simply spamming down habitations to keep your cities alive so you can keep getting culture point events till you get 20. This strategy applies to all TRAPPIST-1 planets. Since the faction goal doesn't apply you can change the world how ever you want to assist with farming culture point events.

Victory - Spoiler Alert[]

Instead of spending Culture Points on independence, you spend them on emergency decryption.

Another ancient device has been found on the surface of this world, Unlike the Tresuunak, this device seems to be active and functioning, but it has been calibrated for the needs of its creators. As such, it poses a very real threat to our hominization efforts, and the lives of our settlers. Only by decrypting the system can we learn to control it, and ultimately recalibrate it for our needs.

- Decryption: At 100% victory is achieved.

After you tame the artifact called Dvintek, it gets added to the Tresuunak, which can be found in the Satellites tab of your game. From there, you can activate the Dvintek once per hour. The Dvintek is capable of delaying the activation of other artifacts on other TRAPPIST-1 planets.

Victory Text[]

Through the focused efforts of your scientists and engineers, this world has been made safe for you and the [number] settlers under your care. It has been a hard road, but the alien device has been decrypted and reprogrammed under our control. It will no longer harm our people, and indeed, it may prove incredibly useful in the years to come.

According to the myths translated from the alien artifact, Dvintek was the name of the adventurer who sailed on the Tresuunak to find a new home among the stars. Undefeated in battle, she was known for her ferocity which bordered on mania, and she was the strongest warrior of her age. The artifact that bears her name seems to be a defense system, capable of targeting and destroying anything no the planet's surface in a single strike. It has been damaged, leading to a long charge-to-discharge ratio, but we believe it will be able to help us deal with other artifacts that we may encounter.

Our engineers are working hard to raise the device from the surface of the planet, and install it in one of the Tresuunak's empty slots. We expect that by the time you are ready to begin exploring the next world, we will have it fully operational, It does require recharging after each use, but even so, it could prove to be a potent advantage in our hominization efforts.

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  • Damu (TRAPPIST-1b) is theorized to have a thick atmosphere with pressures exceeding 10,000 Earth atmospheres.
  • The planet's atmosphere might contain a decent amount of chlorine and nitrogen (or nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas) gas in it, making its greenish color.
  • Volcanoes might exist on the surface of TRAPPIST-1b. When the planet reached a high enough stellar flux, these volcanoes may have began to release a big amount of greenhouse gases, thickening the atmosphere and raising the temperature. This is called the Runaway Greenhouse Effect and is what happened to Venus that made it so uninhabitable.