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While establishing himself as the most gifted pilot in UNSA history, Yu pioneered several navigation techniques that have subsequently been put into widespread use, dramatically increasing mobility and travel throughout the solar system.


When you assign the common governor Dae-Hyun Yu to a city, facilities in that city that increase population growth, such as the Spaceport, increase population growth even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1
I 1 +10% Population
II 6 +20% Population
III 16 +30% Population
IV 31 +40% Population
V 56 +60% Population
VI 91 +80% Population
VII 136 +100% Population
VIII 196 +120% Population
IX 271 +140% Population
X 371 +200% Population


Dae-Hyun Yu Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' instagram account.

In the early age of space exploration, most interplanetary piloting tasks were entirely mundane: supply shipments, civilian transport, routine maintenance checks, etc. But as spacefaring technology improved, so did the risks of deeper exploration into the solar system and the threats of violence from rival factions. When it came to missions with high risk and high importance, missions that would fill even the cockiest space jockeys with dread, the UNSA knew to call on Dae-Hyun Yu.⁣

Dae-Hyun first made a name for himself as a test pilot in the United Korean Air Force, displaying a willingness to take experimental spacecraft well past their known limits. Rumors began circulating that he was missing the part of his amygdala that generates fear, or perhaps that he'd had it surgically removed. His exploits gained the attention of UNSA Admiral Buzz Sullivan, who convinced Dae-Hyun to join up with the newly-established UNSA fleet. Just a few months later the UNSA began a campaign to clear out a group of raiders from the Asteroid Belt, and it was during this operation that Dae-Hyun proved both his skill, and his dedication to his new branch of service.⁣

During an extended game of cat-and-mouse throughout the cloud of flying rocks between Mars and Jupiter, Dae-Hyun's commitment to rooting out the enemy never wavered. The pirate fleet proved no match for his expert maneuvers, and every time he returned to the landing bay in a battered and collapsing fighter he would laugh off suggestions of medical attention, often choosing instead to hop into a fresh ship and head straight back out into the fray. After leading the final run which crippled the enemy carrier and broke the back of the pirate fleet, Dae-Hyun was awarded the Lunar Cross, the UNSA's highest military honor, to which he famously joked, "If you keep the medal, can I keep the ship?"⁣

Dae-Hyun has most recently been tasked with pioneering the UNSA's long-range exploration wing, scouting the safe routes to new and untouched planets and moons. Since receiving his assignment, at least four meetings have been required to clearly define for Dae-Hyun what constitutes a "safe route" for any other pilot.



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