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The largest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres was actually thought to be a planet before more and more objects were discovered in its orbit, leading to the discovery of the asteroid belt itself.

A mix of ice and rock, Ceres is believed to have massive ice volcanoes on its surface. It is believed by many that this effect produced the bright spots discovered by the Dawn spacecraft in 2015.


Ceres is the closest Dwarf Planet to The sun. It is a size class I [Tiny]. It has no natural satellites due to the fact its Hill sphere is ⅔ the lunar distance.


Despite the difficulty of Ceres being Medium, it's actually easy-medium.

  • First, you’ll want to get rid of the ice on the surface. Due to Ceres having no atmosphere, you can spam Ice Launchers to decrease the ice quickly.
  • Now you can increase the Pressure, which is easily doable with Spaceports.
  • For the Temperature, it’s recommended to use the Soletta.

Past this point, the goals are quite straightforward.


  • In distant future, Ceres can become a spaceport. Due to it's low gravity spaceships can easily take off and travel to the outer solar system.
  • Ceres is Roman goddess of harvest and fertility.
  • Ceres was discovered in January 1, 1801 by Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi.
  • Ceres's surface is littered with volcanoes which are thought to spew chunks of ice kilometers above the surface.
  • Ceres is the only Dwarf planet that orbits on the asteroid belt.
  • Ceres might have a liquid salt water ocean beneath its surface.

Terraformed Ceres

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