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Craters are at home throughout the solar system, but nowhere more so than on the surface of Callisto: this moon has the oldest and most heavily cratered surface of any known planet or moon. Under the right terraforming circumstances, this could make for a particularly interesting (or a particularly difficult) landscape of lakes and ridges.

Though less favorable than nearby Europa, Callisto is thought to contain a subsurface ocean that could harbor native life. It also has the lowest radiation levels of all the moons of Jupiter, so it makes a perfect place in which to begin our colonization of the Jupiter planetary system.


Callisto is the third largest moon in the solar system, and the second largest of Jupiter's moons.


Callisto is a very small world. Be very careful when placing cities, because you won't be able to place many like the moon.

Make sure to research and place buildings that decrease water level as soon as possible, since there is a sneaky ocean hidden in Callisto's ice caps. You don't want it to melt and flood your world.


  • Level of radiation on Callisto is not very high, so it could be easily colonized.
  • In real life, Callisto has an extremely thin atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and probably molecular oxygen.
  • The likely presence of an ocean within Callisto leaves open the possibility that it could harbor life.
  • Callisto is named after one of Zeus's many lovers in Greek mythology. Callisto was a nymph (or, according to some sources, the daughter of Lycaon) who was associated with the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.
  • Callisto must be calss II (Small). It is unknown why it must be that
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