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The Fleet Commander of the UNSA, Sullivan is widely regarded as one of the most talented military commanders of the last few centuries. His reputation is so well-respected that analysts have detected minor population booms wherever he is stationed, due to the sense of confidence and security he inspires.


When you assign the epic governor Buzz Sullivan to a city, facilities in that city that increase your world's water levels will increase water levels even more.

Secondly, facilities in that city that increase population growth, such as the Spaceport, increase population growth even more. This does not affect native birthrate (although this governor has that effect too). It also does not affect population growth provided by events such as Population Boom or population growth provided by the Space Elevator.

Thirdly, native birthrate in that city will increase.

All three effects this governor has can be boosted with the power booster ability.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2 Strength Effect 3
I 1 +10% Water Growth +10% Population +10% Birthrate
II 6 +20% Water Growth +20% Population +20% Birthrate
III 16 +30% Water Growth +30% Population +30% Birthrate
IV 31 +40% Water Growth +40% Population +40% Birthrate
V 56 +60% Water Growth +60% Population +60% Birthrate
VI 91 +80% Water Growth +80% Population +80% Birthrate
VII 136 +100% Water Growth +100% Population +100% Birthrate
VIII 196 +120% Water Growth +120% Population +120% Birthrate
IX 271 +140% Water Growth +140% Population +140% Birthrate
X 371 +200% Water Growth +200% Population +200% Birthrate


Buzz Sullivan Lore.png

From TerraGenesis' instagram account.

Admiral Buzz Sullivan made his name in the midst of Earth's bleakest hour, known to history as The Sundering. With the world suffering repeated hammerblows, both from above and below, Buzz sought to secure humanity's future by serving in the UN Peacekeeping forces, alongside many of his peers. He hoped to be providing relief supplies and helping to rebuild shattered communities around the world, but as the situation continued to worsen and wars broke out like brushfires, Sullivan found himself rising the ranks in what was quickly becoming a global military effort to prevent the unraveling of civilization itself. By the time the crisis had passed, his brilliant tactics and asymmetrical mind had caught the attention of General Secretary David Munoz, who put him in charge of the UNSA's burgeoning interplanetary fleet.

⁣Marked by ambition matched only by his genuine brilliance, the newly-minted admiral turned his energy and focus to his first task as commander of the UNSA: building a functional, self-sustaining community of refugees on the Moon. Such a monumental achievement would give the battered survivors back on Earth something to aspire to, something to look up and dream about, a singular vision of hope for people around the world. But even more than that, Sullivan knew that success meant cementing the UNSA's place as the guardian of humanity on every world, and a guiding light in our species's future out among the stars.


He was part of One Giant Leap live event.

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