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While on a transport run out to Saturn's Orbit, Pryde pioneered a new method of heating her ship from the excess waste heat from her ship's drive cone. Originally dismissed as dangerous and reckless, her system has since become the standard for long-haul freighters.


When you assign the rare governor Bom Pryde to a city, facilities in that city that increase your world's temperature will increase temperature even more.

Secondly, facilities in that city will cost less credits to maintain.

This governor's power booster ability will only affect Heat Growth, not Facility Maintenance, since Facility Maintenance cannot be boosted.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Heat Growth -5% Facility Maintenance
II 6 +20% Heat Growth -10% Facility Maintenance
III 16 +30% Heat Growth -15% Facility Maintenance
IV 31 +40% Heat Growth -20% Facility Maintenance
V 56 +60% Heat Growth -25% Facility Maintenance
VI 91 +80% Heat Growth -30% Facility Maintenance
VII 136 +100% Heat Growth -35% Facility Maintenance
VIII 196 +120% Heat Growth -40% Facility Maintenance
IX 271 +140% Heat Growth -45% Facility Maintenance
X 371 +200% Heat Growth -50% Facility Maintenance


Bom Pryde-0.png

Most spacefarers still have one particular world they call home, but there are some who have never known a home beyond the hull of a starship. Bom Pryde is one such traveler, a runaway discovered in the engine bay of an unregistered smuggling ship, studying the alignment of the thruster coils to keep her mind occupied. Figuring she'd be more trouble than she was worth, the crew considered shoving her out the airlock before realizing how much of the ship's systems she had learned intuitively, and they instead offered her her first job.⁣

Years later, while working with a more scrupulous crew aboard a freighter bearing Soletta components to Saturn, the life support system of Pryde's ship suffered a catastrophic failure. Backup generators aboard the Farasi managed to preserve oxygen flow and nutrient reserves, but no temperature regulation meant that the heat venting into space would soon leave the vessel's inhabitants frozen solid. While the rest of the crew huddled together under blankets, Pryde executed a 31-hour solo spacewalk, repurposing their cargo on-the-fly into a new thermal distribution system which redirected waste heat from the Farasi's drive cone back into the ship's interior. When she re-entered the airlock her crewmates had all fallen unconscious, so she administered first aid for another six hours until enough had awoken to get the ship to Titan.⁣

Upon arrival, though, Pryde was met with a harsh welcome as her Gaian clients reprimanded her for the "reckless misuse" of their cargo. After quitting on the spot Pryde found herself in a cantina having a quiet drink alone, and was approached by an ancient Polynesian woman with a quiet voice and sharp eyes. Word had quickly spread about an ingenious new method of heating ships for long-haul voyages, she said, and the old stranger had more than a few questions for the talented engineer. They talked all night in that cantina, sharing stories of adventures and inventions and frustrations past and present, and by morning Bom Pryde had shipped out with a brand new crew, the newest member of the Sons of Hephaestus.

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