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My general strategies, for playing with biomass

At first, you need to think: Are you going to terraform this world or not.

If you are going. You need a lot more money, than if you are not. So It would be perfect if you choose horizon corporation, faction, which random events can give you a lot of money. Wait for coulple of these events, and now you'll have a high revenue. Then stabilise your stats, to stop terraforming,(of course if you have researched some of terraforming buildings) and out game for a couple of days. When you'll come back, you'll have got a lot of money. So first of all research all the resourses. Then you'll need to research spaceports, because it's very useful.  Now build one or two of spaceports in your cities, stabilise the pressure, and begin constructing the Sky f…

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Hi. I am a gamer and I have recently terraformed every planet in the main game. I'm asking if I should do all the planets in expert mode or no?

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Desuknightling Desuknightling 24 June

Horizon corporation

Seems to me, horizon corporation is the best faction in Terragenesis That's because it has the easiest victory requirements. You only need to accumulate 1 billion credits and achieve independence. You dont even need to terraform the world, but if you want it, Horizon's corporation random events will offer you lot's of money, which is very usefull in early game. That's why I always choose Horizon corporation. If you want I can tell you about other three factions. see you and good bye

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MSM Masterminding MSM Masterminding 23 June



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Julano Morales mapping Julano Morales mapping 25 January

My Terragenesis Theory

It is Just A Theory that Explains The Oddities In Terragenesis and Random Events as Well as Trappist-1  Events. It Also Explains why There are strange Thigs on The Planet like The Hiker and Faces in a Storm.

  • ==Explanation:==

"The Angels used to inhabit this Planet as they Evolved into many Different Species. However, Once they Discovered Fire, They built Civilizations and Fought Each Other until the New Elements Called Azurium, Gaianum and Infinitum had been Discovered. The War has Ended and They Unified To Become a Planetary Civilization, Colonizing the Solar System And Beyond.

They used Azurium for Changing Planet's Atmospheres and Sizes, Gaianum For Creating Life And Infinitum for Fuel and Energy. For Millions of Years, They Colonized Plan…

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BlauesWasser BlauesWasser 19 July 2019



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Geoffmen Geoffmen 26 January 2019

General strategies

Here are some strategies that I use.

  • Build a lot of Spaceports. They're the only reliable source of income. Spend all the initial credits and GPs to research the Creche, Transit Network then Spaceport and build mostly spaceports at first.
  • Don't bother building outposts and mines. It offers very little return on investment. They become increasingly costly fast and don't last long.
  • Don't bother upgrading Habit units. Go straight for the Habit Domes. In each colony, demolish the habit unit to make space for another facility as soon as the first habit dome is built.
  • It is not really worth having more that two habit domes per colony. Two domes can get you to 500K population (maybe less). The third will only get you to 1M but not to 2M so it won't a…
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