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An engineer specializing in Hab units on Venus, Aoyama has a talent for making appealing long-term living spaces on a world where the crushing atmosphere may take millennia to thin out.


When you assign the rare governor Ayzia Aoyama to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's pressure will reduce pressure even more.

Secondly, facilities in that city that increase population, such as the Spaceport, will increase population even more.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Pressure Reduction +10% Population
II 6 +20% Pressure Reduction +20% Population
III 16 +30% Pressure Reduction +30% Population
IV 31 +40% Pressure Reduction +40% Population
V 56 +60% Pressure Reduction +60% Population
VI 91 +80% Pressure Reduction +80% Population
VII 136 +100% Pressure Reduction +100% Population
VIII 196 +120% Pressure Reduction +120% Population
IX 271 +140% Pressure Reduction +140% Population
X 371 +200% Pressure Reduction +200% Population


Ayzia Aoyama IG.jpg

Ayzia Aoyama, like many young people, struggled to find her place in the world. The sprawling complexities of the interplanetary age, and the growing expectations placed on her generation, paralyzed her with indecision. But she believed in applying the scientific method to any situation, and knew that the only means of forging a career and an identity for herself would be to test what post-grad opportunities were available, beginning with an internship on Venus with the Horizon Corporation.⁣

It was on Venus that Ayzia's natural prowess in engineering came into full view. Horizon Corp simply sought pressure-safe hab units built from the company model, but Ayzia brought to her work a creative flair which resulted in Venus' first publicly available luxury homes. It also led to her first full-time job offer, but when Ayzia reviewed Horizon's revised schematics, she noted an aggressive cost-cutting of materials and amenities which fundamentally undermined her design. Deciding the corporate life may not be for her, Ayzia then managed to sneak her way in among the newly-emerged Daughters of Gaia, on the other side of the planet.⁣

The Gaians were far less interested in long-term hab designs, instead seeking the same means of protecting their equipment from Venus' crushing pressure for the centuries it may take to terraform the planet. Sadly, Ayzia was once again put off by the unyielding agenda of this faction, which sought to zealously apply her inventions to the task of transforming worlds, regardless of the risks and what might be lost in the process.⁣

Ayzia feared she may be trapped, but a chance encounter with a fellow innovator gave her a new trajectory. Famed engineer Olivia Stein arrived to consult with the Gaians on heat regulation, and discovered in Ayzia a kindred spirit who agreed that for science to advance, it cannot be shackled to any one religious perspective, nor dulled by corporate disinterest. The two took off together for Far-Future Institute HQ the next day, and while Ayzia knew this may just be another step on her journey, she clung to the hope that she had finally discovered her place in the galaxy as a member of the FFI.

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  • She is likely Hispanic, as the name "Ayzia" is of Spanish origin.
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