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Following the pattern of naming the moons of Uranus after characters from English literature, Ariel is actually named after two: a sky spirit in both Alexander Pope's 'The Rape of the Lock' and Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.'

It is a frigid world comprised of roughly equal parts ice and rock, with a surface relatively free of craters, indicating that it was completely resurfaced some time in its history. It is a world of extremes (daylight on each side of the moon lasts for 42 Earth-years), but it is a challenge your settlers are eager to overcome.


Ariel is the fourth largest of five largest moons of Uranus. It's also the 15th closest moon to Uranus.


Make sure to get rid of the hidden ocean frozen in Ariel's ice caps before increasing the temperature or pressure, otherwise you might accidentally flood your world.


  • Ariel was discovered in 1851.
  • Ariel is named after the leading sylph in Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock.
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