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Appolo Matiba is the CEO and founder of the Horizon Corporation. He is the father of Vivicia Matiba-Cavalcanti and the grandfather of Nubia Matiba. He is the representative of the Horizon Corporation faction and his image shows when you select a faction. If you choose the Horizon Corporation on your first world, he is the person giving you the tutorial.


World-spanning catastrophes have the tendency to impact Earth's poorer countries hardest. From his trading office in coastal Mombasa, Horizon Investments co-owner Appolo Matiba could plainly see that aid from world governments in response to the Sundering would be insufficient to rescue Kenya long-term. So in the midst of what other men of means viewed as unavoidable disaster, Appolo chose to invest in an uncertain future by building up Kenya's spacefaring infrastructure, thus seizing an opportunity that would uplift his countrymen, his business, and himself.⁣

Matiba began by carefully studying the aging layouts of Cape Canaveral and Baikonur to inform his strategic real estate purchases in rural Mombasa County. The region's close proximity to Earth's equator made it a more ideal location for space launches than any other spaceport yet in existence. Matiba knew that, more than simply an evacuation platform from a struggling Earth, a state-of-the-art facility would allow the launch of machinery to help combat the ongoing crisis, as well as provide a landing place for much-needed materials gathered from off-world. As his plans unfolded, Matiba took even bolder steps by buying up more shares in his investment firm, eventually buying out his former partner to become the sole owner of the company. Despite doubts and derision from his international rivals, Matiba's gamble paid off, turning Kenya into the primary hub of all global space operations, an industry fully controlled by the newly minted Horizon Corporation.⁣

With his company, nation, and home planet in a much better position than decades prior, and with his daughter Vivica successfully trading on the family name with Earth's press, Matiba has turned his sights towards the unclaimed frontier of the Red Planet. With Mars populated only by science stations at the time of Horizon's first launches, Matiba knows it's only a matter of time before the unambitious hands of Earth's governments build a web of bureaucracy across the planet's surface. Horizon's new mission is clear: to build a network of private spaceports on Mars and planets beyond, and to make these worlds habitable, and therefore profitable.

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