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One of the first scientists to be stationed on the surface of Europa, Peratrovich found significant success designing life support systems for use on ice worlds.


When you assign the rare governor Anyu Peratrovich to a city, facilities in that city that reduce your world's temperature will reduce temperature even more.

Secondly, that city's native birthrate will increase. This effect does not affect the population growth produced by facilities such as the Transit Network or by events such as Population Boom.

Birthrate is fairly low early game, but increases the more population your city already has. This effect is more useful late game than early game.

Level Cards Strength Effect 1 Strength Effect 2
I 1 +10% Heat Reduction +10% Birthrate
II 6 +20% Heat Reduction +20% Birthrate
III 16 +30% Heat Reduction +30% Birthrate
IV 31 +40% Heat Reduction +40% Birthrate
V 56 +60% Heat Reduction +60% Birthrate
VI 91 +80% Heat Reduction +80% Birthrate
VII 136 +100% Heat Reduction +100% Birthrate
VIII 196 +120% Heat Reduction +120% Birthrate
IX 271 +140% Heat Reduction +140% Birthrate
X 371 +200% Heat Reduction +200% Birthrate


From Terragenesis' Instagram Page.

Anyu Peratrovich IG.jpg

For her entire life, Anyu Peratrovich's natural love for exploration has been balanced against a healthy dose of caution. She grew up fascinated by the frozen wilderness surrounding her small Tlingit community in Alaska, but after tragically losing her brother to a particularly cruel storm, Anyu devoted herself to learning the science of low temperature survival. Her family worried she'd never emerge from her shell, but her training proved its value when the warming weather of Greenland presented new settlement opportunities for refugees. Setting a course for a new frozen frontier, she signed on with Arctic Search and Rescue to prevent settlers from wandering into unforeseen dangers.⁣

Little did Peratrovich suspect that her excelling in this line of work would pave the way for an even wilder opportunity. She received a full scholarship from the United Nations to earn an aerospace engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, after which she was recruited as the youngest technician aboard the first UNSA expedition to Jupiter's moon Europa. Anyu's crewmates were all excited about paving the way for the first viable human settlement in the outer solar system, an excitement she shared. Yet the studies showing that Europa's icy surface could shift in fluid and unpredictable ways made her wary of the impact the expedition's heavy construction might have.⁣

Anyu's caution proved well founded yet again, as she and her crew discovered that the life support systems standardized for rocky worlds like Mars and Mercury put out an abundance of heat, risking the destabilization of outpost surfaces as well as localized flooding. The crew feared they'd be made to live out their remaining days aboard their ship, or declare failure and return home. But Peratrovich salvaged the mission by scouting stable camp locations, maximizing life support system function with minimal heat output, and syncing shipboard cooling systems with the remaining heat to keep local temperature increase gradual and manageable. Thanks to her, Jupiter's first human outpost became a success, and a new wave of settlers soon arrived to live and work on Europa without fear of the cold.


She is most likely named after Elizabeth Peratrovich, a Tlingit American civil rights activist.

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