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Alana Lee is the Gaian vicereine. She is the representative of the Daughters of Gaia faction and her image shows when you select a faction. If you choose the Daughters of Gaia on your first world, she is the person giving you the tutorial.

Faction Lore[edit | edit source]

In the Daughters of Gaia's lore it becomes clear that Alana Lee is the daughter of the most powerful leaders of the faction.

⁣While all those who join the Daughters rise to prominence based on their merit, the organization's unquestioned authority remains in the hands of one powerful family. Traditional worshippers hang on every word spoken by the Rose Queen Rebecca Freyja O’Rourke, whose clerical lineage spans centuries. Her husband, Imperial War Minister Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee, lays the groundwork to enact her interstellar vision. But while Rebecca and Zhou typically remain to oversee recently hominized worlds, they send their daughter, Vicereine Alana Freyja Lee, to lay claim to new worlds and lead the terraforming process from scratch. Groomed for leadership from birth, and perhaps a more fervent disciple of Gaian theology than even her own mother, Alana has overseen the evolution of many a world from barren, inhospitable rubble to verdant paradise.

Historical Earths[edit | edit source]

She features heavily in the Historical Earths campaign, where we learn what her philosophical and political stances are, and where we learn that she and Neil Jansson (here called 'Red') used to be friends and met doing work in an ecological organisation.

This is part of the Cretacea Dialogue:

Alana: We've known each other since my mandatory mission to Earth, and he's never demonstrated a need to be overtly polite or refer to me with any sort of respectful prefix.

He's basically an outspoken Neanderthal beneath this mask he's so carefully attempting to weave.

Red: Neanderthal? I believe you used to refer to my brazenness as "sticking it to the man," "truth to power," and "honesty in the style of all true revolutionaries."

You: It's surprising that you two used to agree on anything.

Alana: We did, but we saw no further than our own noses. We were short-sighted.

Red: No. We were doing as much as we thought we could at the time.

Alana and I were at the forefront of our generation, working to better Earth -- to bring health back to our planet -- for its own sake and for humanity's.

We were leaders in an ecological salvage group before Alana and her ilk gave up, set their sights "past their noses," and aimed for power over the fate of stars.

Alana: Your talent for dramatics is unwavering, Neil.

Yes, we were part of an ambitious group which was trying to put Earth's ecological state to rights, but consensus on strategy was never achieved.

My ancestor began the Gaian Independence on Venus. I returned to my family, my Venusian roots. There is a way forward for humans, beyond and after Earth.

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