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Politics and doubt cannot hinder the green destiny that awaits. There is room for all humanity in the great living galaxy, they need only embrace it.

Alana Freyja Lee is the Gaian vicereine. She is the representative of the Daughters of Gaia faction and her image shows when you select a faction. If you choose the Daughters of Gaia on your first world, she is the person giving you the tutorial.


From TerraGenesis' Instagram account.

If what the Daughters of Gaia claim proves true, that the galaxy faces a new destiny in their hands, then Alana Freyja Lee is at the center of that destiny. Groomed for leadership from birth by her parents, venerated Rose Queen Rebecca Freyja O'Rourke and illustrious Admiral Zhou Xi Wang-mu Lee, few in her time bore such expectation on their shoulders. But fears that Alana may not inherit the conviction and aptitude of her parents were quickly laid to rest, as she proved not only a devoted student of Veriditas, but a natural leader in her own right who took charge of frontline surveying expeditions as an eminently wise teenager. The Queen saw that she could be tasked with more, to be the voice of her gospel for a new generation.⁣

⁣In her early adulthood, Lee received her most important assignment to date: leading a delegation on a trip to Earth, a planet she had never set foot on. Their mission was one of goodwill, offering Gaian terraforming expertise to revitalize desolate lands impacted by the Sundering. As fate would have it, she soon met Neil Jansson, newly-arrived on a visit from Mars for his own, more personal reasons. The two sat squarely on opposing sides of the ideological spectrum, and yet in this rare instance they found themselves focused on the same goal: to revive and restore the natural splendor of a devastated Earth. Through their shared efforts they grew close for a time, as each found themselves unexpectedly drawn to the other... but despite their half-acknowledged bond, when neither would yield to the other's beliefs, eventually both went their separate ways.⁣

⁣In her quiet moments traveling back across the void, Lee often remembered her time on Earth with the rugged, charming Hephaestian. She knew her work as the newly-appointed Vicereine of the Daughters of Gaia would cement her family's legacy, and it consumed her waking hours. Yet she will always wonder what more could be achieved if their petty squabbles could instead have given way to unlikely kinship. Soon enough, her parents put her in charge of the experimental automated system known as Project Ishtar, which would lead to another fateful encounter...

Historical Earths[]

Daughters of Gaia crop.png

She features heavily in the Historical Earths campaign, where we learn what her philosophical and political stances are, and where we learn that she and Neil Jansson (here called 'Red') used to be friends and met doing work in an ecological organisation.

This is part of the Cretacea Dialogue:

Alana: We've known each other since my mandatory mission to Earth, and he's never demonstrated a need to be overtly polite or refer to me with any sort of respectful prefix. He's basically an outspoken Neanderthal beneath this mask he's so carefully attempting to weave.

Red: Neanderthal? I believe you used to refer to my brazenness as "sticking it to the man," "truth to power," and "honesty in the style of all true revolutionaries."

You: It's surprising that you two used to agree on anything.

Alana: We did, but we saw no further than our own noses. We were short-sighted.

Red: No. We were doing as much as we thought we could at the time. Alana and I were at the forefront of our generation, working to better Earth -- to bring health back to our planet -- for its own sake and for humanity's. We were leaders in an ecological salvage group before Alana and her ilk gave up, set their sights "past their noses," and aimed for power over the fate of stars.

Alana: Your talent for dramatics is unwavering, Neil. Yes, we were part of an ambitious group which was trying to put Earth's ecological state to rights, but consensus on strategy was never achieved. My ancestor began the Gaian Independence on Venus. I returned to my family, my Venusian roots. There is a way forward for humans, beyond and after Earth.

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